Colonial investigators can find the information you need about soft or hard assets, property, and details about people or businesses. Call us for a free consultation to learn how we can help. Background and Asset Searches Our investigators service businesses across the Northeast, including Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire,  Rhode Island and Connecticut. Call us to discuss your requirements 888-293-6412 781-620-0016 Colonial Investigative Group can find the answers that you need when trying to determine an individual's assets. Whether it’s for a divorce, a civil case or simply curiosity, let us do the work for you. We will look for real estate property, motor vehicles, civil judgments, bank accounts and any other asset you're looking for. Some of the reasons that our clients request an asset search are: •  As a means of locating an individual •  To inquire about a person's wages and income •  To determine or learn what property and possessions are owned and by which parties in a divorce •  Prior to investing in a new venture, going into a joint venture, or considering any other business deal