Call us and Colonial will help you find answers to these serious questions. Family and Domestic Issues We at Colonial Investigative Group, Inc. treat our clients with compassion, respect and the utmost confidentially. We understand how traumatic your life is when you are at the point of hiring a private investigator. Our investigators are always discrete and will never reveal who we are watching or working for under any circumstances. Unfortunately over 50% of all marriages end in divorce and many marital problems include affairs. Spousal infidelity can be difficult for the domestic partner who needs to know. We can discreetly check to see if such a situation exists and document the facts for you. Our investigators can provide you with the piece of mind you are looking for. Say you’re suspicious.  You may have reason to be. Is your spouse or significant other frequently away on business trips? Are his/her normal patterns or behaviours changing? Is he/she dressing differently? Is he/she hiding bills or a cell phone? Does he/she smell differently? These are all questions that you deserve to know the answers to.  Let Colonial help you find them. Our investigators service businesses and individuals across the Northeast, including Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Call us to discuss your requirements 888-293-6412 781-620-0016