Call us and we will find who has their hand in the company’s “cookie jar”. Corporate Loss and Theft The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) estimated in a 2008 report that two thirds of business thefts are employee thefts, rather than from outsides. How much damage to the overall health of your business can you absorb? We at Colonial can conduct surveillance and obtain the evidence that you need to unveil employee theft. Cash, merchandise, supplies/inventory and time can be stolen. Colonial Investigative Group can also provide trained undercover investigators to work as an employee in your business. We will be the "eyes and ears" of management and ownership. We can uncover employee theft of goods and/or services, employee time theft and employee drug abuse and sales. Undercover operations are also productive in discovering sexual harassment issues, a hostile work environment and safety issues. Most employees will NOT report fellow employee theft. Colonial will get you the truth! Call us today to inquire about our expertise in this field. Undercover Our investigators service businesses across the Northeast, including Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Call us to discuss your requirements 888-293-6412 781-620-0016